Former CISA bossman Saint Chris of Krebs was tasked with “securing federal networks” and “protecting critical infrastructure” (CISA website).

Muh Russian Hackers (🤣) are supposed to have infiltrated the Departments of Energy, State, Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury and Commerce under Krebs’ watch, but Krebs is nowhere to be found in (((MSM))) stories about CISA and the SolarWinds hack; though they did report that he testified before the U.S. Senate last week that the 2020 election was “the most secure election ever…but only in terms of, uh, security.”

Cybergenius Cancer’s email password is krebs1977 (🤭).

(Krebs is German for cancer.)

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  1. Looking at Krebs’ twitter. He seems to think he is still at work (no doubt expects to be reinstalled by President Harris). He is issuing instructions on how to deal with The Hack. As far as I can see, no criticism or mocking, because Twitter has purged almost all dissent, and the few people remaining know if they criticise him they will get banned.

    Trump needs to act on that “lion…sheep” quote. He’s a high stakes player. He needs to go all in. What’s the worst that can happen? Deep State undermines him and he ends up in prison? They already boast and gloat that they are going to ruin him and lock him up up forever.

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