Tomorrow, the first 2020 election-theft case (this one has absolutely nothing to do with Trump) will go to the extreme far-right fascist White Supreme Court of the USA, and we shall soon see if Coney Barrett and her fellow black-robed Nazis will uphold the plain letter of the law, or if they will declare the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s pilpul kosher, and if they will allow the illegal Act 77 to stand, on some penubral principle.

Justice Samuel Alito has asked Pennsylvania officials to file briefs by the morning of Dec. 8 in response to U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly’s emergency injunction petition, which argues that Pennsylvania’s Act 77 unconstitutionally overrode provisions regarding limits to absentee voting outlined in the Pennsylvania Constitution (which dictates that any change to the state’s absentee voting regime requires the enactment of a constitutional amendment, which must be approved by two consecutive legislatures followed by a successful statewide referendum). Additionally, Kelly argues that “Rather than provide clarity and address this vitally important, and valid constitutional question on its merits, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court exercised its extraordinary jurisdiction to take over the case and dismiss it on the basis of laches. In so doing, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated petitioners’ right to petition and right to due process, guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, respectively, by closing all avenues of relief for past and future.”

Marc Elias, the top attorney leading the Democrats’ attempt to defend their election-theft, called Kelly’s suit “frivolous”.

Some Wikipedia fake-encyclopedia agitprop nonsense about Representative Kelly:

• “After Donald Trump LOST the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania and REFUSED to concede, and spread accusations of fraud, Kelly aided Trump in trying to overturn the election results [sic]. Kelly filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate more than 2.5 million LEGALLY cast votes. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously rejected Kelly’s suit, additionally ruling to ‘dismiss with prejudice’.”

• “In 2017, Kelly advanced the conspiracy theory that former president Barack Obama was running a shadow government to undermine President Trump.”

• “Kelly, in a phone call to President Trump, mimicked Biden’s stutter: ‘We-we-we, we’ll work it out, we’ll work it out. Let him go ahead and mumble and bumble whatever he wants.’ Kelly then joked about giving Biden some tapioca.”

• “Kelly is Catholic. He has stated that, as a person of Irish and Anglo-Saxon descent, he considers himself a person of color. On March 27, 2020, he tested positive for COVID-19.”

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