Court-ordered inspection shows Trump wins Arizona by 90,559 votes.

Kelli Ward, Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman, in a motion filed in response to a court-ordered inspection of 100 random ballots:

“Of the one hundred (100) duplicate ballots that were inspected and compared to their ‘originals,’ a ballot was identified where the original was clearly a vote for Trump, and the duplicate ballot switched the vote to Biden’s. A second ballot was also identified on which the original ballot was clearly a vote only for Trump, but the duplicate ballot had a vote for both Trump and a ‘blank’ write-in candidate, causing the ‘Trump’ vote to be canceled (due to an ‘over-vote’).”

The judge had ruled that 100 ballots would be enough to determine any fraudulent patterns.

Current “results”:

• Biden in Arizona: 1,672,143
• Trump in Arizona: 1,661,686

Therefore, corrected results should be Biden down 1% of combined total (including the 1% that was falsely declared invalid), and Trump up 2% of combined total (including the 1% that was falsely declared invalid):

• Biden: 1,638,471
• Trump: 1,729,030

So Trump wins Arizona by 90,559 votes.

Unless the judge now applies some sort of esoteric New Math, or says the inspection was just for fun.

No doubt the MSM will report: “Recount gives Trump 2 new votes, snicker, guffaw!”

“disputed” 😂

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