Nick Fuentes Takes Over Phoenix Rally, Forces Boomers to Join His Mighty Cause!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer, November 29, 2020

Nick Fuentes’ event in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday was an absolute game-changer, and showed that finally, we really are winning hard. The man showed up and forcibly drafted an army of boomers into his cause. First Phoenix – next, the whole country.

I just want to salute everyone who trusted the plan, because it is finally coming to fruition.

Nick showed up at a boomer protest at the Arizona capital, with an army of America First people, and many a Stormer. They gathered around the stage where some locals were doing their regular protest. Nick had no prior communication with these people, and simply asked if he could speak.

A weird pagan guy with a fur hat told him that no, he would not be speaking.

Then, he told his people to follow him across the park, and two-thirds of the crowd followed him. He began speaking into a megaphone, giving a grand speech.

The pagan came across the way to him, and said he could come back, trying to give him conditions to speak. He refused any conditions. Finally, a boomer came over and said that the pagan guy was not representative of the group, and he was welcome to speak on the main stage.

He walked back across the park with his great army, and took control of the event.

[Some nomsense about Vince James, Steve Franssen and Baked Alaska.]

Let me just begin to try to explain to you why this is so important.

The basic thing is this: Nick Fuentes was able to capture an entire crowd of normal MAGA boomers, and have them chanting along with him. No one complained. If Ben Shapiro would have showed up and started saying, “BUT HE MADE A COOKIE MONSTER JOKE!”, they would have told him to get lost.

This was a crowd that was absolutely typical for the normal MAGA scene, and Nick was able to take control of it with ease. He can and will command the whole country in the same way. There is nothing stopping him. These rallies are going to continue indefinitely, and he will continue to be the center of them.

Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder – they are not at these rallies. They are not doing anything to attempt to stop the theft of this election. They are hardly even talking about it. Nick is out there and thus he will be the center of it. These people can snipe from their bases about Cookie Monster – what will that look like, I wonder? It will look like people who do not care about Trump losing, who apparently have a vested interest in Trump losing, who are sniping at the one figure who is out there fighting.

This is the plan coming together.

I don’t know if we’re going to win the election. I’m feeling better about it now than I was a couple weeks ago, but let’s be real: it remains a longshot. But if we continue these events, continue to rally the people, continue to have Nick Fuentes at the center of an America First movement which is supported by 74 million Trump voters, while the old conservative media collapses – we are going to be in a very good position to push for secession.

Remember That This is What I Said

Nick recorded a short show for DLive after the event, and said, paraphrasing: “I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

Ever since the Charlottesville disaster of 2017, I have said that we have to have good optics, which means American flags, clean cut guys who are not obese, Christianity, and good, normal slogans and chants that the people can relate to.

Charlottesville was the first big real life event. Before that, the Alt-Right had been on the internet. I had no idea that when it manifested in real life, it would be dominated by cartoonish costumed neo-Nazis.

I looked at that crowd, with these fat guys in these weird costumes, and I said: “This is not viable. We have to have a movement of millions of normal people if we want to get anything done, and millions of people are not going to follow these fat guys in their disgusting baggy pants with their stupid weird flags they designed in Photoshop.”

Nick Fuentes was the number one guy who did this. He followed the plan. He was hated and attacked, just like I was, for standing up against the remnant of the Alt-Right, which after Charlottesville, sunk quickly into total derangement.

They all joined costumed Nazism, they started promoting communism, third-worldism, Islam, various other weird stuff – this culminated when they supported the coronavirus lockdown, telling people to surrender their rights to the Jewish-run government, saying that the economy collapsing meant “stocks.” They then told people to vote for Joe Biden.

Just try to imagine those fat slobs in costumes showing up at this rally and trying to command the crowd. Not only would they not be cheered – they would be physically attacked! Neo-Nazis know that they cannot ever appeal to normal people, and they say that this is good, that they don’t want to appeal to normal people. If you ask them how they can change society without appealing to normal people, they just start spouting nonsensical gibberish. These people are bad, bad news for anyone who cares about the existence of any kind of right wing other than Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. They make any opposition to these people impossible. It is a demonstrable fact.

If you ask these neo-Nazis why they failed so miserably after being thrown to the center of the national conversation, they blame Andrew Anglin! They say that they failed because I was mean to them!

Costumed neo-Nazis were always the biggest threat to any legitimate right-wing movement. I don’t know if these people are always sent in by the feds, but if they don’t come naturally, the feds will send them. What they do is alienate any normal people from the ideas, ensuring that anyone associated with them will remain fringe forever. The people support our message, but they won’t hear it from fat slobs in military costumes marching through the streets and screaming.

Nick understood that, and he refused to tolerate it, and he built his own movement of normal young guys who are healthy, well-dressed and socialized as normal people. Finally, we have proof of concept that this worked. Yes, it was a small crowd there in Phoenix, but this absolutely will scale. Those people represented the normal population of normal people in this country.

The costumed freaks are gone now, forever. They’re not coming back.
Everything is going according to plan.

I had already been totally vindicated on my decision to embrace optics. This was yet another layer of vindication.

We are winning now and that isn’t going to stop, whoever takes office on January 20.

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