The Pennsylvania Supreme Court today really illustrated the distinction between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic. Chief Justice Saylor acknowledged that the mail-in ballots were unconstitutional, because the election law was changed unconstitutionally, but the unconstitutional votes should be counted because they express the democratic will. Banana Republic.

Chief Justice Thomas Saylor noted that Congressman Kelly’s suit “posed troublesome questions about the constitutional validity of the new mail-in voting scheme,” and said he would have been open to letting lower courts decide whether the law should remain in place for future elections, but, “there has been too much good-faith reliance, by the electorate, on the no-excuse mail-in voting regime […] to warrant judicial consideration of the extreme and untenable remedies proposed.” Sure, the election was, okay, strictly speaking, illegal, yeah, but, uh, we must respect the democratic result, because throwing out unconstitutional votes would be extreme and untenable. Banana Republic.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who declared before the election that Biden would be elected in Pennsylvania: “We just notched another win for Democracy.” Count every vote, no matter what the constitution says. Banana Republic.

“At least I still have Muh Constitution!”

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