TRUMP 2020.11.26: SO FAR, SO GOOD 🤗

The left does not care if fraud is proven or not. Of course they don’t want it proven, but I mean they are nor going to change their attitude if it is proven.

They will attack all witnesses, make up every kind of excuse, and eventually will openly say, “It doesn’t matter if the election was stolen, Biden is still the winner and is legally the president!”

They are already saying that they can afford to have the Supreme Court throw out the illegal results in Pennsylvania and Georgia and still “win”.

Trumpians need to get this in their heads: THE ENEMY KNOWS THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. THEY STOLE IT.

About Trump and The Big Steal: So far, I think it’s all relatively good. He hasn’t cucked at all. Looks like he won’t.

It is still possible that he could turn on the Republicans and take tens of milliona of voters away from them.

He says he will only “leave the White House” (not give up the presidency that is rightfully his) if the Electoral College votes for Biden. There is more chance now than even a few days ago that that will not happen.

I see the media panicking like never before. At a press conference, reporters were not even asking questions, just screaming at Vice-President Pence, who walked off stage as the urinalists were shouting “you are destroying our democracy!” and throwing their mics on the floor, swearing.

They are so desperate. If Trump has no chance of prevailing, then they would be giddy watching him “make a fool of himself” and “sealing his fate and going down in history as the worst loser ever”, and all other stuff they spew on CNN, Late Night “comedy” shows….

If he is succesful, that is good. But if Republican Electors vote for Biden, there is a good chance that party will be fucked.

Trump, Giuliani, Wood, et al, the vast majority of Trump supporters, and more and morr Tepublic legislators at the state level, do not give a flying fuck what NYT, CNN, WaPo say. And most of them will view a Trump failure in court as confirmation that the whole system is bent.

If Dems/Commies/Media succeed in getting Biden installed, it will be a poison pill, and they will be sure to further alienate tens of millions of Trump supporters.

So, all in all, I think it’s about the best election result so far as could have been expected. Definitely better than how things looked on November 2nd.

I am happy to see that White Americans still have some fight in them.

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