In response to reports that Smartmatic owns Dominion Voting, Smartmatic has issued a denial. Its denial includes the lie that Smartmatic Chairman Lord Malloch Brown does not work for George Soros. Since Smartmatic lies about Soros, I will assume, for now, that it is lying about Dominion. In fact, Malloch Brown is Soros’ main man. Next they will say that water is not wet. The FactCheck scams are all now responding to false claims that “Soros owns Smartmatic”, declaring it a falsehood. Of course it is false. Smartmatik is run by Soros, and is owned by the Venezuelan government. It rigged the referendum that kept Chavez in power. The Jimmy Carter Centre (For Stealing Elections) declared the election-stealing in Venezuala to be kosher. Smartmatic also, via subsidiaries, rigged elections in the Phillipines (resulting in criminal cases against its Israeli manager and others), and is on a US State Department watch list after multiple investigations of vote rigging, or “election errors”, “unfortunate glitches”.

It would be most accurate to say that the election is being stolen from Trump (and from American voters) by (((the mainstream media))), Twitter, (((Facebook,))) (((Alphabet))), the CIA, the FBI, Deep State))), the DHS, the Republican Party))), the Democrat Party))), the Neocons))), the UN))), the International Crisis Group))), (((Maduro))), (((Soros))), the EU))), NATO))), the UK)))…yes, maybe even the PRC))), if it can find a seat at the already crowded table.

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