Express (UK), 2020.11.10:

Francis Rooney, a Florida Republican and member of the House of Representatives, has urged Trump to “get on with the programme. I want to compliment and congratulate the president-elect.”

In an interview with CNN, the Republican said:

“I think we’re playing into Russia’s hands here by undermining our own democratic principles.

“There will be books written about this hold that President Trump has over a lot of the Republican leadership and base, and I don’t understand it. To me, it’s a little dangerous to have that much personal affiliation.”

The Republican voted against Trump’s effort to declare a national emergency in order to construct his US-Mexico border wall.


• Russia that old chestnut 🤦‍♂️
• America and their circus performing media are well past their sell by date
• A coup assisted by the lamestream media and Big Tech.
• Putin can laugh at a senile dotard as POTUS with a communist stooge as Vice President.
• The frenzy in the media against Trump (before a result is officially announced or verified) begins to looks like a planned and concerted effort to stop any questioning , stop any legal challenges, and make Trump concede.
• The more reporting like this there is then the more suspicions are raised that something is very wrong with this election.

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