Trump’s three Supreme Court appointees (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett) all worked on the 2000 Supreme Court challenge and Florida recount that prevented Gore from stealing the presidency.

The very, very, very stable genius Trump, before he even won in 2016, named them as possible Supreme Court nominees, and so was already preparing, more four years ago, when all the “experts” said he had no chance of becoming president, for how to prevent the Deep State from stealing his 2020 re-election, just as he said all along they would.

Hidin’ Biden, in 1991, presided over the confirmation hearing of Justice Thomas, in which Biden called Thomas a sex-offender. Thomas called it “a high-tech lynching”, as he stared at Biden, who quickly broke away for a recess, sweating.

Just a short time ago, Cackling Cuntface Kamala called Kavanaugh a rapist (“I believe her, I believe women!” she cackled. She also, during the campaign, ‘believed’ the woman who accused Biden…not so much, anymore.)

The media-labeled “Devout Catholic” Baby-killer Biden, and demon-worshipper “Next President!” Cuntface attacked ACB for being a Christian.

Alito is pissed off that his election orders were blatantly ignored by vote-counters.

I believe that all five of these justices will rule based on merit, but if they do have any bias, it will definitely not be in favour of Cuntface and Ol’ Joe.

I’d say Trump has a pretty good chance of prevailing at the Supreme Court.

BIDEN: “Listen, Clarence, you know…uh…when I called you a sex-offender…”
THOMAS: “It’s all good, Joe! It’s all good, my nigger! Karma’s gon’ be a bitch fo’ you!”

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