Comic Genius Jimmy Kimmel:

“Our Burger King has been flame-broiled for good. We are watching a presidency bleed out in real time. It is suprising that he doesn’t concede, since he is the most conceited president we have ever had. Tonight Trump emerged from wherever he has been hiding, to try one more time to choke Democracy to death. I won’t bore you or give him the pleasure of showing what he said tonight, but the only thing he didn’t do is pull off his wig and reveal that he’s been Vlad Putin all along. It was a litany of lies, threats – just a despicable and incoherent attack on Democracy in the United States. At the end of that speech, he should have been arrested, if they had a pair of handcuffs small enough, for his tiny hands.”

Andrew Anglin:

“According to these Jewish rascals in the media, Joe Biden currently has 290 electoral votes, and is scheduled to somehow “win” Georgia, which will give him 306. So this went from looking like a landslide for President Trump on election night to being a landslide for Biden nearly a week later. Every state realized on election night that the fix was not in, so all of the Democrat-run states that hadn’t been called yet shut down the counting so they could bring in new votes. This wasn’t heavily centrally planned. Everyone knew they were supposed to make Biden ‘win’ by any means necessary. So they all just went ape, doing all these various different kinds of fraud, including (but probably not limited to): bringing in bags of new ballots; sitting in the counting facilities filling out new votes; manipulating computer counting tallies. After the shutdowns, every state that stopped their count was committed to doing whatever it took to bring in a Biden win, so you ended up with this absolutely ridiculous landslide. Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan were blatantly won by Trump. Snd it is likely that Trump won some or all of Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin. Calling all six for Biden is pushing the Big Lie to its limits. I’m glad. If they were going to scam the election, it is good that they went so far overboard. Now, no serious person on the planet can deny it.”


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