Some bitch on ABC News: “Trump is GOING TO COURT now, claaiiiiiiming that…his people have somehow been…denied access to polling stations in [the noble metropolis of] Detroit! And, they want access to polls that have ALREADY BEEN COUNTED! Amy Coney Barret, whose nomination was RAMMED through the Senate DAYS before the election, could be have deciding vote in OUR Democracy.”

Muh Sacred Democracy, besmirched by Orange Man Bad yet again!

Libs typically love judges legislating, and micro-managing, elections, but now all of a sudden they hate that Trump is going to court to seek relief.

Some ‘Election Law Professor’ saying that Trump “is going to court because he doesn’t believe in The Rule of Law” 🥴 ~ Orwellian.

Some jewess Bush-admin Republican cuckservatrix shyster on ABC is ululating Dem talking points: “Trump needs to step back, stop the division that is tearing our country apart, we must all come together as one people, every vote must be counted!” Submit! Submit! Submit!

They know that conservatives tend to throw up their hands in disgust and leave the field, while leftists are happy to wallow in the muck.

They all hate President Trump, of course. They have thrown everything at him, and they have so far failed, failed, failed.

Donald J. Trump thrives on conflict, and he is disgusted by quitters and cowards who are happy to “take the high road” and “lose gracefully”.

This election will never be over. No matter who is declared the winner, it will still be argued over for decades.

I think the only way Trump can win now is by getting a court order dismissing late votes and suspect votes, and maybe ordering recounts. If not, then the libs will succeed in stealing the election. Either way, millions of people will be angry for a generation.

Nevada and Wisconsin could see total recounts, since current results show a 0.6% Biden lead in Nevada, and a 0.7% Biden lead in Wisconsin. And it’s possible the Supreme Court could end up rejecting late and disputed ballots in Michigan and/or Pennsylvania.

Two days before the election, Pennsylvania’s Attorney-General shyster Shapiro promised that Biden would win the state’s vote count:

Trump has a very strong case in Michigan. Even ABC is reporting now that ACLU lawyers, who are official, accredited election monitors, are still standing outside polling stations from which they have been banned all day. Republican monitors have been denied re-entry after going to the bathroom. And so on.

I am enjoying how much the libs are seething about Amy Coney Barrett. Their spin now is, “she MUST recuse herself!”

Anyway, all of this is better than the Harris-Biden landslide that the lying pollsters promised.


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