Terrorists Target Christians in Poland

October 25, 2020

Thousands of terrorist thugs disrupted church services across Poland on Sunday, chanting during mass, spraying anti-Christian graffiti on church walls, and carrying posters depicting a crucified pregnant woman. Police defending the churches used tear gas against the terrorists.

In Katowice, a 7,000-strong mob massed in front of the cathedral, chanting “this is war!” In Warsaw, protesters spray-painted “abortion without borders” in one church, and “you have blood on your hands” on the wall of another church. Dozens of thugs interrupted a mass in Poznan, holding banners with slogans including “Catholic women also need their right to abortion” in front of the altar. In Krakow, rioters hung up underwear.

A Constitutional Court decision banning the murder of disabled children triggered the anti-Christian riots.

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