Is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Japan’s Lady Gaga?
BBC News, 5 June 2018

The Tokyo-born star recently came to the UK with her haunted house-themed world tour. We sent along Orono Noguchi, the frontwoman of indie band Superorganism (and self-confessed Kyary super-fan) to chat to [SIC] her.

Orono and Kyary

Do you like Starbucks?

I like Starbucks!

What’s your favourite?

It’s on the secret menu: Choc Chip Cream Frappuccino.

Wow! Are there flavours you don’t like?

Well, I can’t drink coffee, it’s so bitter.

Yep. I can only drink coffee with lots of milk and sugar.

I can’t even drink that.

When I came to London for the first time, my bandmates really loved coffee. They’re in their late 20s and real grown ups. I had coffee every morning with them – just to bond – but my stomach disagreed with me violently.

You did your best. I wouldn’t drink coffee.

It was humiliating. Well, what is your favourite colour?

It’s a bit muted but I quite like lavender. And I like black as well. Black and white. My nails are painted black, too. I don’t wear many colourful clothes in private.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at The Great EscapeKyary’s outfit at The Great Escape was decorated with make-up brushes and cosmetics…
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at The Great EscapeWhile her dancers were dressed as a perfume dispenser and a powder puff


Yep. Because I wear (colourful) costumes, I wear a lot of black and white off stage. Today’s costume is extremely loud.

So what is the latest development for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu?

Now is the year to challenge. I’m planning to create new music in 2018, not a sequel. My latest song is said to have a more grown-up feel to it visually [she sits on a toilet]. Recently I’ve been wanting to try something new. I would like to collaborate, too.

Any particular artists?

I’m a big fan of Katy Perry.

I saw you had your photo taken together recently.

Yes, we did! I went to see her gig the other day and we’ve talked before. I’ve been listening to her music ever since I was in high school. I wanted to make girls’ dreams real with my music like Katy does. So I love Katy.

How about Superorganism?

I didn’t know anything about (your band) but I asked for recommendations on the way here, and I was told Superorganism is the one to watch. So I’ll get into it!

About my outfit: My own parents said it was unfashionable. They say I don’t have any style! Could you advise me on fashion?

What kind of clothes do you like?

Well, something comfy.

Are you the only Japanese member of the band?

I’m the only one.

When I go abroad, I try to incorporate Japanese motifs in my costumes. When I play my concerts on this tour, The Spooky Obakeyashiki, I’ll wear some costumes inspired by kimono. It warms my heart when I see Japanese artists on stage wearing costumes with Japanese elements. I recommend you try it.

What kind of person is your producer, Nakata?

He’s normally quiet. But he’s so knowledgeable on something he’s interested in or he likes and then he won’t stop talking about it.

So he’s quite introverted?

He is quite girlish at heart, probably. He’s popular amongst women. I think he understands the female heart thoroughly.

What about the food in England? What’s the most awful thing you’ve eaten?

Awful? Oh, yes, there’s one! It was when I visited a long time ago, maybe my first time. I had heard that English food could be quite simple. There was a bowl of bean soup and that was it.

It’s awful, isn’t it? I had that at a festival the other day.

You had that, too?

I was so sad.

So I thought, ‘Whaaat?‘ It was very bland as well and came with bread. I had to have lots of bread so I wouldn’t go hungry. So I thought meals in England were simple but there was pasta this time. The restaurant I was taken to was great and all the meals were fantastic. So I don’t have that impression any more.

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