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Faces of Auschwitz: Hitler’s horrors in color (PHOTOS)




  • Every time the evil of Israel is exposed we get another auswitz story.
  • juz are always the victims
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  • u ever notice how u never really see any afgan victims of the us, canada, britain, jermany, australia. u dont hear about their story or anything. its like they dont exist. notice that jermany is in this list. jermany simply went from abusing juz in the 40s, to abusing muslims today. nothings really changed.
  • Most of them were Polish or came from Soviets who were actually Christians
  • And where is the horror? Hair was cut because of leeces … the number 1 killer in every war. They look healthy to me, compared to the usual western cows.
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  • How is their Greater Israel Project goin? They will be on the run soon … this time for real.
  • They dont look worse then the people thst worked in mines 70+ years ago
  • And to think that Max. 89,000 people died in Auschwitz during WW2 – How many died in the mines as that figure I’m not sure about ?
  • How many Russians died under Stalin????
  • A Glaring anomaly of the Holocaust industry is Why would the Nazis photograph and record the inmates if they were just there to be exterminated?
  • Reasonable question. Ask the hook-nosers and their Holohoax-industry …. ask them also about the swimming pools and the library at auschwitz that no tour covers. Or the unsealed wooden-doors that every german engineer would laugh about if that were real gas chambers.
  • Another episode in the longest running soap-opera in human history.
  • soap or lampshade-opera haha 😉 (for the record: i do not believe in holocaust story)
  • Everyone who is upright enough to look into the details of the holocaust story cannot believe it … that’s why they made laws that forbid to question it at all. Truth needs no laws, the rest is up to everybody …. blue pill or red pill? I salute you.
  • very few still do ,The truth fears no investigation
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  • Why are you spreading fake news RT?
  • Photoshop us better “gas chambers” without windows, for starters.
  • A.H. did nothing wrong!
  • Why cant J00s just accept that world hates their UNFUNNY, UGLY, SOLD OUT, UNTALANTED selves 🙁
  • We all would be so much happier without….j00s. Who BTW now pretend to not be j00s. But they CANT hide that j00 face……EVER. And we are coming for yall 🙂
  • Amazing they went to all the effort of numbering them and then photographing them when all they intended to do was exterminate them. In fact, it’s illogical.
  • That Syria looks worse than WWII and US bombs , gas, policy and murder. F^%k these
    old photos, these people and dead and gone. RIP.
  • Over 100 million people were murdered by they’re own Government from 1900AD to 2000AD
  • (((their own governmen))) …. wake up dude, governments are just a replaceable piece of “hate-me” so the dancers in the dark could do whatever they want. Democracy is fake if you own the media.
  • I don’t see no horror. Can you show us the shrunken heads, the bars of soap and the human lampshades? And then show us the DNA analysis. You won’t?
  • All gone for some reason … I guess the liars not have seen DNA analysis coming, so it just vanished. But why would we doubt anything our fellow hook-nose-pedo-squad tells?
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  • Strange how they show the ‘horrific’ pictures, but do not show pictures of all the innocent Palestinian children who have been gassed, bombarded with white phosphorus and shot by IDF snipers.
  • Now we know why peepee neythanyahu went to russia. He wanted to be again the “only worthfully” victem(j3ws) in this world and the rest doesnt count. Afcourse we feel bad about all the victems in ww2 but the family trees of those victem are practising same doctorine on palestinians thats why people comment negative.
  • What about the pictures of the other 55millon that died in ww2? Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Or are they not good enough.
  • Several months ago, the Polish government stated that Poles (Jew and non-Jews) were just as much victims of the Nazis. And everyone made a stink about that. Looks like some examples here to make his point.
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  • Stalin was no angel either. Just making the point that monopolizing victimhood by one group when there were numerous groups who suffered is denying truth and advancing a guilt agenda.
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  • the arabic springs caused more deaths then the jewish victems in ww2. Does that means we will memories all those muslims for the next 70 years?
  • Pictures of deformed Vietnamese babies whose parents received a tasty treat by the name “agent orange” as a sequel? Hold on “Guantanamo, my waterboard diary” I’d watch that.
  • Maybe some pictures of the mass rape and murder on civilians by the soviet union? What is your point? every country in war has commited war crimes.
  • The ones who hold the monopoly of suffering are the Palestinian civilians
  • … show the colored photos of the Palestinian Holocaust !!!!
  • How un semitic these people look.
  • Holocaust is FakeNews Even after 130 hollywood movies .It is still FakeNews.
  • They look way better than the pictures from abu ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prison run by the US!
  • What exactly are the horror?
  • Wars and occupation of Yemen, Syria, Palestine and the ongoing white genocide in South Africa and Europe are true horrors. We don’t need fairy-tales told by the very evil committing these real horrors.
  • NO business like shoah business.
  • Your daily dose of the holocast.
  • History is history…Its the now grotesque now that we live in and we have to do something about it…NOW! By protesting with comments, while the comments are moderated by tel aviv…we are to lazy to go on streets we just quickly protest while sitting on the crapper.
  • Let s see the same project for the 60 million people that died in the Zhid run goulag
    Ahhh the good old days.
  • hmm, they look rather chubby.
  • They suffered malnutrition towards the end of the war, when all resources had been cut off, the people and soldiers came first in line for food etc.
  • The story lives on!
  • The holocaust effect must be wearing off, so here comes another dose to supplement what’s left of it in the world.
  • When can we have similar photos for all Palestinians killed, perhaps including attacking Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, also all foreigners killed in protecting Gaza to protesting Israelis crimes, mind as well add Mossad crimes
  • Could this be in reply to the idf killing that poor boy ?
  • These are just pictures of people. It’s proofe of nothing. It was a concentration work camp. Why not look at the pictures of the japanese that were in concentration camps in the US during the war. I repeat, these picture prove absolutelly nothing. For all you know anybody can take a picture.
  • If you’re fishing for pity, this lake is dry. Push off
  • After seeing the whole Syria false flags and lies… how can the past not be questioned more!!!??
  • The West doesn’t want its people to know about the 20+ million Russians that died, some in concentration camps… Out of about 65 million total deaths for WW2, that information might just show their public who really fought the war.
  • The globalist elite will be the ones to suffer for their own actions if another world war breaks out. Greedy politicians and banksters will be at the top of the list if that day ever comes.
  • Our forefathers fought and died for nothing. We are all tax and interest slaves and it’s impossible to outright own your own land and build freely on it. To top it off the globalist elite import our enemies into out communities by the millions.
  • How about showing pictures of people in gulags?
  • Who the F cares. Keep reminding me of the farce of the holocaust.
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  • It called payback.
  • Often the victim becomes the perpetrator.
  • They wouldn’t be doing that if the fuhrer had not failed in its mission…
  • Ask yourself why across time and far distances… every time the same people get despised and thrown out? Is it a conspiracy or are they just the rotten apples with which you just cant live together.
  • Interesting that israel doesn’t recognise the Armenian genocide committed by their frienemies, the turks. Strange. Or maybe not.
  • They would be smiling if they knew the outcome of the war would be having them enslave the world to generations of taxes, debt interest and aid fraudulently obtained from exaggerating the truth and outright lies.
  • They are still manipulating our property values, economies and behind mass migration till this day. WW2 bankrupted Europe and the West and we have been enslaved by the globalist banksters ever since.
  • Most US mugshots look way worse.
  • This is what Israhell’s leaders should look like.
    where are the idf´s horror faces of gaza ? ..think they are allready in colour and there are much, much more then happy work camp poepple
  • Everyone should watch David Irvings seminars and talks. Very informative and eye opening.The man is arguably the best historian of WW2 the world has to offer! Particularly interesting are his Hit.lers war and Churchills war books.
  • So – basically – these photographs have been edited…??
  • Show all the victims of todays banksters and the globalist elite that have imported our enemies by the millions so they can increase profits and control for themselves.
  • Lets deal with horrors taking place right NOW, in Yemen,,Iraq Syria and thewarmongers responsible for it. Auschwitz was a horror those responsible for it have paid the price Who is going to pay the price for the horrors taking place NOW?
  • The censors are working at a feverish pace on this article lol…
  • It was a horrible time for everyone, including ews. Stop just focusing on the ews as the propaganda value decreases dramatically every time you post such a ” News Story “. The People are waking up to those who rule us!
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  • Killers come out of every group of people on the whole earth . The one thing they have in common is they are killers . not a religion or bloodline .
  • zidi su svine
  • Stop pushing this disgusting and wrong narrative, RT.
  • Hooo here we go again, with the Propaganda! youtube; watch the greatest story never told, communism by the back door, and ,Europa the last battle, LOTS to watch, but it will change you’re view of life and reality forever.
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  • And today we have CIA Black Sites with no accountability for human life or assets stolen… A great new world…….
  • Terrible thing to do to any people and today we see it in the whole of Africa especially Congo in mass scale with the world doing like it does not exist. UN is an Evil entity at the moment and will be held accountable one day. Why should a victim get free and hurt others? We have not learned anything from history.
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  • Have you seen the people you lived in the Auschwitz camp tell the truth about their stay there? Seems many had good times music lessons, art lesssons, theatre, live performances. The unlawful like to pretend it’s not true.
  • more smallhat propaganda
  • Refugee camps are not going to be nice during world war. They were the last in line for precious resources, as the public and soldiers come We can apply this to the killing fields of Cambodia too … just as gruesome as the holocaust. Or maybe colorisation of Palestinians is the same.
  • The sympathy this tries to extract is falling away because of all the other atrocities around the world. I NO LONGER CARE HUMANITY IS LOST.
  • Can we make a memorial of the Millions killed/raped by Islam since 1400 years?
  • Islamofobic white trailertrash. Your attitude tells allot about the way youre raised without manners. It also tells allot about your racists parrents. Go look in the mirror how aweful peece of sjit you are. You dont have anything positive to add in this world, you’re garbage nothing else.
    Your entire post above is full of swearing and then YOU say: “You dont have anything positive to add in this world” Hahahahah you hypocrite. What positive things did the islam add to our world again in the last few centuries????
  • You best’iality of Torah followers always accuse others of what you are guilty of
  • Enough with Auschwitz!!!!!
  • What about the millions killedvbybthe Allies??????
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  • Liberal globalists dominate the media. They hate common sense with a passion.
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