MP: Australia should help stop Whites from escaping South Africa, because they are needed to feed niggers

March 21, 2018

National Party of Australia MP Andrew Broad has warned there could be food shortages in South Africa if white farmers are allowed to migrate to Australia:

“If we take away the farmers from South Africa, we rob them of the capacity to farm that ground and ultimately feed the population; so we’d be better to be working with the South African Government to make them value those white farmers, rather than trying to help them flee.┬áThe black South African farmers certainly have not proved themselves. They need the skill-set of the white South African farmers if they’re going to have any chance of feeding the population.”

The National Party of Australia has traditionally represented graziers, farmers, and rural voters generally.

Andrew Broad voted for:

  • A same-sex marriage plebiscite (and supported are-sex marriage)
  • Deregulating undergraduate university fees
  • Getting rid of Sunday and public holiday penalty rates
  • Increasing or removing the Government debt limit
  • Strengthening gun control laws

Andrew Broad voted against:

  • Letting all MPs or Senators speak in Parliament
  • Protecting citizens’ privacy
  • Restricting foreign ownership

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