Italy is still run by Communists and Mafiosi

Italy has since 1945 mostly been run by Communists and/or the Mafia (often in union). Italy is still run by Communists and Mafiosi.

The ‘Right-Wing’ politicians and parties elected yesterday are all compromised by ‘reformed’ Communist and Mafia elements (Berlusconi is still ‘the king-maker’), and haven’t won enough to form a government unless they compromise with the currently dominant Communists (or the commie-lite clowns of M5S; though Salvini just ruled out any coalition with them).

Communists are hysterically moaning that there are no more real Commie bastards to vote for in Italy.

The New Internationalist:

“Renzi’s PD legalized civil unions for same-sex couples – absent in Italy until 2016; it fought to keep rescuing migrants at sea; and to pass a law granting citizenship to the children of foreigners born in Italy (although Parliament failed to approve this). But on the economic side, the party has increasingly stressed the need to attract investment.”

(NI, “Where is Italy’s Left?”, 2018.03.02)

The Current Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni (Democratic Party), was a Maoist (Workers’ Movement for Socialism) for decades.

Former PM (and President of the European Commission) Romano Prodi was most likely a KGB asset.

President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro had many Fascists put to death, is a fake anti-Communist and fake-Christian, and either a Kike or a rabid whore for them.

Giorgio Napolitano, President from 2006 to 2015, is a ‘life-long’ hardcore Communist. He was most likely a KGB asset, having been quickly promoted by the Communists who were sent back to Italy by Stalin in 1945. He was denied entry to the USA because he was a totally pro-Soviet Communist (post-1956, post Hungary, he wrote that his Italian Communist Party was «inseparabile dalle sorti del campo socialista guidato dall’URSS», “inseparable from the fates of the socialist forces guided by the USSR”).

The current President, Sergio Mattarella, has been a lifelong anti-Fascist, and a Communist in everything but name. (looks like a Yid too).

And so on.

The Italian Communist Party (PCI) was the largest and most powerful Communist Party in Western Europe. It changed its name to the Democratic Party of the Left (Partito Democratico della Sinistra, PDS) , and its factions formed the core of the Democrats of the Left (Democratici di Sinistra, DS), Daisy, the Alliance of Progressives and The Olive Tree coalitions, the Democratic Party (Partito Democratico, PD; Renzi’s party, the current ruling party), etc.

Communists and Mafiosi dominate all bureaucracies and all universities, and most regions.

Modern SJW-type Commies (like the CBC cunt in the following video, from 2018.01.30) don’t recognize the dominant Italian Commies as fellow-Commies mostly because the Italian Commie machers are mostly old “male chauvinist pigs”:

I usually avoid short-term predictions, especially regarding rat-like politicians (especially in Italy), but it’s a fair bet that the commie-lite M5S is currently negotiating a coalition with the commie-lite PD.

Populists battle to govern Italy as left collapses

AFP, March 5, 2018

Rival populist leaders fought Monday for the right to govern Italy after its general election as the leader of the defeated ruling centre-left party resigned with a warning about a “wind of extremism”.

The anti-immigrant League party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) each claimed Sunday’s vote gave them a mandate to lead the nation of 60 million.

But the eurozone’s third-biggest economy was in political limbo as negotiations between the various groups to determine who leads looked likely to take weeks or months.

League leader Matteo Salvini said that he had “the right and the duty” to form a government after its surprise success at the heart of a right-wing coalition.

But M5S, which won the biggest share of the vote of any single party, claimed it was the winner. Its leader Luigi Di Maio said it had a “responsibility” to form a government.

Luigi Di Maio said the Italian election result was a “triumph” for his populist Five Star Movement

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon – the man who helped Trump ride a populist wave to power – described the results as “an earthquake”.

With most ballots counted, the League was leading the dominant right-wing coalition, which won roughly 37 percent of the vote overall.

Salvini’s party surged in the polls after promising to shut down Roma camps, deport hundreds of thousands of migrants and tackle what it calls the “danger” of Islam.

However much depends on M5S, which has drawn support from Italians fed up with traditional parties and a lack of economic opportunity.

It won 32 percent of the vote.

The M5S had previously refused to align itself with other parties, which it considered part of a “corrupt” system.

But Di Maio said his party now “feels the responsibility to form a government”.

To that end, he said he was “open to discussion with all political actors”.

According to polling company YouTrend, the M5S was set to gain 231 seats in the lower house Chamber of Deputies and 115 in the upper house Senate.

It could therefore form a majority with the either the League, Forza Italia or the Democratic Party (PD).

Salvini swiftly ruled out the prospect of forming a coalition with the M5S.

“N. O. No, underlined three times,” Salvini told reporters.

Prominent British pro-Brexit figure Nigel Farage congratulated M5S, his allies in the European Parliament, “for topping the poll” as by far Italy’s biggest single party.

The election campaign was marred by clashes between far-right and anti-fascist activists, as well as a racist shooting spree by an extreme-right sympathiser last month.

The Five Star Movement (M5S) is pro-EU, pro-Eurozone

EU referendum in Italy is not an option, says euroskeptic M5S party leader

CNBC, Mar 1, 2018

Luigi Di Maio, leader of the 5-Star Movement (M5S), told CNBC he won’t “even consider” having a referendum in Italy on membership of the European Union.

“We need to renegotiate some EU rules, but not in an in/out referendum,” he said, noting that the U.K.’s decision to leave the EU had “weakened” the bloc.

When asked Wednesday if a M5S-led government would hold a vote on euro zone membership, Di Maio said:

“Germany, France Spain are renegotiating some of the EU rules. This is the time to make some deficit, to make investments and relaunch the Italian economy. I don’t want to even consider that last resort,” he said.

Di Maio, who was in London to meet private investors and business leaders and explain M5S’s policies, said:

“I have met with international investors today, and I have told them that we want to stabilize our economy. Our stance on Europe, on the euro, is that we want to remain part of the EU and the euro zone. We just want to change some economic rules. This should not scare businesses and investors (that) we want to get some results for Italy and re-launch the EU,” he said.

‘We will stop the funds!’ Italian election winner sends STERN warning to eastern EU states

Firstnews24, March 5, 2018

Mr Di Maio secured a resounding victory at the Italian elections 2018 where his Five Star Movement secured 32.5 percent of the vote – becoming the first single party in Italy ahead of the incumbent Democratic Party.

The young leader sent a warning to eastern EU states as he spoke after the first exit polls were released.

He said: “It gives me goosebumps to hear that countries in the East of Europe do not want to take up migrants. But they receive funds from the EU. So if they don’t want refugees we will stop the funds!”

He said: “I appeal to the other European powers, to other European leaders: get to know us before you judge us.”

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