Italy: Centre-Right Coalition in the 2018.03.04 Election

Italy: Centre-Right Coalition, 2018.03.04 Election

(the “¡FASCISTS!” 😂)

In the 2018 general election the Centre-Right coalition (Centro Destra) is composed of four electoral lists:

Party Leader
Forza Italia [1] (FI) Silvio Berlusconi
Lega Nord [2] (LN) Matteo Salvini
Brothers of Italy [3] (FdI) Giorgia Meloni
Us with Italy [4] (NcI) Raffaele Fitto
  1. Including Energies for Italy, The Liberals, Christian Revolution, the Pensioners’ Party, the Animalist Movement, Renaissance, the Moderates in Revolution, the Union of Democrats for Europe, the New Italian Socialist Party, the Italian Democratic Socialist Party and dissidents of the Italian Republican Party.
  2. Running as “Lega” and including the National Movement for Sovereignty, the Italian Liberal Party, Us with Salvini and the Sardinian Action Party.
  3. Including also Alto Adige in the Heart, FareItalia, Social Right and She Will Become Most Beautiful.
  4. Direction Italy (including Responsible Autonomy and the Sardinian Reformers, Civic Choice, Act!, Popular Construction, the Movement for the Autonomies, splinters from Popular Alternative, the Union of the Centre, Identity and Action and the New United Christian Democrats.

The coalition has six regional partners:

  • South Tyrol: Alto Adige in the Heart (AAC) – Alessandro Urzì
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Responsible Autonomy(AR) – Renzo Tondo
  • Sicily: Popular Construction (CP) – Francesco Saverio Romano
  • Sicily: Movement for the Autonomies (MpA) – Raffaele Lombardo
  • Sicily: She Will Become Most Beautiful (DB) – Nello Musumeci
  • Sardinia: Sardinian Reformers(RS) – Michele Cossa
  • Sardinia: Sardinian Action Party (PSd’Az) – Christian Solinas

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