Timothy McVeigh – habeas corpus?

Creepy Shep Smith (Fox News) claims he was a “witness”

“When we were told that the first drug was administered, his very tight lips and his very wide eyes changed considerably; his lips relaxed, his eyes relaxed, he looked toward the ceiling where there happened to be a camera staring right at Oklahoma City. And at that point his eyes seem to roll back only slightly, his body seemed to relax, his feet shifted just a bit. There was the administration of one drug and then another, and after the last drug, there was a very slight movement here. It was like standing on the other side of a glass wall and looking directly at a hospital bed. Tim McVeigh right at us, his hair very short, almost yellow. The only change between the prison jumpsuit shot that we all knew so well and today’s Tim was he seems to have aged a little bit, and he chose to say nothing.”

NO AUTOPSY (contrary to procedure)

McVeigh autopsy deal says no ‘invasive procedure’

CNN, March 19, 2001

An informal agreement by a coroner not to conduct an autopsy on Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh apparently will stand after a federal judge ruled Monday he had no jurisdiction.

McVeigh, convicted of killing 168 people in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, is in a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, and is scheduled for execution May 16.

McVeigh’s attorneys asked U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch to approve an informal agreement under which the Vigo County, Indiana, Coroner Susan Amos agreed not to conduct any “invasive procedure” on McVeigh following his execution.

After listening to presentations from McVeigh’s attorneys, prosecutors and the Vigo County attorney, Matsch said he had no objection to the plan but had no jurisdiction


Timothy McVeigh dead

CNN, June 11, 2001

[McVeigh attorney Nathan] Chambers said that the final destination of McVeigh’s remains would remain privileged forever.

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