FBI investigates Grade 10 Pajeet for larping as “White Supremacism” (as required by teacher)

Indian Exchange Student 10th Grader Investigated by the FBI for Writing Racist Debate Presentation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2018

This is a serious WTF story right here.

Where do you even start?

This is the Bay Area, by the way. It’s local news so they don’t tell you that. It won’t ever be national news, because “white supremacist Indian exchange student investigated by federal police for being a neo-Nazi” is not something that CNN or NYT is going to try to fit into their narrative.

Fox 40:

A Tracy student wrote a controversial essay on racism that prompted an investigation by law enforcement.The academic decathlon student was preparing for an upcoming debate and was given an open-ended writing prompt. The Director of Student Services at Tracy Unified School District, Troy Brown, said the students had “to write opposing viewpoints to a topic.”

So get that. It was an assignment, where you were DIRECTED to write two viewpoints that are in opposition to each other.

Obviously, no person could hold both of these viewpoints they were directed to express, and there is no indication that they would hold either of them. It is a writing prompt.

The opposing viewpoints the student chose to write about delved deep into racism. In the peer review process, other students told him the way he wrote one side from a white supremacist’s perspective was striking a bad nerve for such a sensitive subject.“Because of the racial slurs and things, kind of the whole narrative to it,” Brown said.

So he struck a nerve by representing a controversial position after being directed to represent a controversial position.Sounds like he did the assignment well then, no?

Well, no. Apparently not.

A few quotes from that paper included, “Negros have been both inferior to other races and incapable of civilization,” “We must cleanse the West from these inadequate leeches,” and “The (N-word) strives to destroy all that is sacred to humanity.”

Where is the lie?

But seriously though, this isn’t about “where is the lie” – it is about the fact he was instructed to do an assignment and he did it.

Although even if he had written that as his own view, I don’t understand what that has to do with the fucking cops – wouldn’t he just get a bad grade, at worst? Or told to rewrite something less offensive?

“Our first concern is the rhetoric that was in the writing,” Brown told FOX40.After the student’s peers reviewed his papers and said the one side was offensive, he deleted it and instead wrote two opposing sides about net neutrality. But it was too late, the original document had already been saved and tweeted.

YEAH GET THAT.He redid the assignment when he found out it bothered people.

He’s a high school exchange student from INDIA, how the hell is he supposed to understand the new rules of race – which have only been implemented in the last five or so years – in this country?

The rhetoric was shared among classmates and eventually posted to Twitter by a young woman named Azariah.

Yeah, she doxed him and called for a mob.

A negroid sent the paper to her BLM cousin and the cousin publicly doxed him.

Shouldn’t the student who created that situation be the one being punished?

“An anti-black, white supremacist manifesto was sent to several students, including my cousin,” she posted.Law enforcement launched an investigation after the Federal Bureau of Investigation discovered it.

“We were notified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who is monitoring Twitter feeds, apparently,” said Tracy Police Lt. Tony Sheneman.

How is it possible that this is even a thing?I mean I could even see if it was some kooked out local California cops who the kooked out school called. And they like, gave him a little chat or something.

But the FBI monitoring him over a school assignment?

Wtf is this?

How is this even possible?

And get this – it was actually the local police who were the voice of reason after the feds told them they were monitoring the student like he was about to blow something up.

Sheneman said Tracy Police detectives interviewed the student Friday and determined there was no threat to students.That was clear to them once they read the other opposing viewpoint he wrote.

“That racism has been a part of his life since the day he was born,” Sheneman told FOX40.

The other paper included statements such as, “The youth of our nation are being contaminated by the filth that racism holds,” “I greatly urge you all to stand up against the prejudice shown” and “Fight against this despicable bigotry.”

“The young gentleman that wrote this is not Caucasian,” Sheneman said.

So, what does this mean?Let me go ahead and tell you what this means.

It means that the FBI is now treating anything to do with racism as a potential terrorist situation.

As a result, presumably, of the Florida thing. And the fact that the Jewish shooter Nikolas Cruz allegedly posted racist shit in a chatroom.

What a great benefit to the FBI that after having been repeatedly warned about Cruz being a potential shooter and doing nothing – in fact failing to forward information about it to local authorities – they now get to expand their sphere of influence into mass monitoring of high school racists.

And of course, there will be pressure for that to go beyond high schools to all racists.

Even while Atomwaffen – a satanic death cult pretending to be a white nationalist group that has killed five people, created explosives and planned to blow-up a nuclear power plant is not being shut down. Atomwaffen is a literal terrorist organization that is allowed to plan killings with impunity. While the FBI investigates an Indian exchange student and the media harasses Dan Kleve and old grannies.

The fact that Atomwaffen – a group that has members publicly saying they are going to commit terrorism and kill people randomly to get satanic powers and forward their quest to bring about the end of the world – is operating with impunity and getting almost no media coverage shows FOR A FACT that the feds are not even a little bit serious about dealing with any sort of “white supremacist threat.”

They are being as genuine about this as they are about the Russian conspiracy. I think that entire organization should be shut down immediately until it is fully investigated and the corrupt elements within it – which are on public display – are dealt with.


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