Taffy Bobsleigh-Revellers cleared of RACISM crimes after 6 month probe


Dinah Mulholland, Labour candidate for Ceredigion, on Facebook, Aug 28 2017:

“Utterly horrified to see this from Aberaeron carnival. How on earth could this have been considered acceptable, or even legal, by the carnival organisers? I would like a statement from Elizabeth Evans, LibDem councillor for Aberaeron who was at the carnival today, denouncing this.”

Independent Comments:

“I am not surprised really. I have found that the Welsh are possibly the most racist people on planet earth! Twice, I have encountered racism from them. First my son went to live in Wales and was attacked 3 times for because they heard his English accent, and the second time when my brother was in hospital in England, and there were two guys in the beds opposite. One was welsh, and was heard to say, stinking English! Oh the irony of being in our hospital! so this does not surprise me,”


“Mulholland called for an explanation from the carnival organisers and for all local politicians to condemn the float.

The men’s float was sanwiched [sic] by a group in traditional Welsh dress and the Flintstones.”


“The Jamaican Bobsled Team said it had received an apology from members of the carnival float.”

Labour candidate Mulholland:

“There may have been no conscious agenda or racist intent towards involved people of African or Caribbean heritage in the Cool Runnings float. But there is no doubt that offence has been caused and that there is a danger that, unchallenged, such behaviour makes casual racism seem okay.”

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