The Telegraph: “Science”: Nobody British in UK

“It’s Science!”

Actually it’s FakeNews, since no scientist said what is claimed in the headline.


Keep in mind that Prof Armit never said what is stated in the Telegraph’s headline.

Contact him. Maybe he’ll get so pissed off about being made to look like an idiot that somebody at The Telegraph will get fired.

Professor Ian Armit
Professor of Archaeology
K36b, Richmond building
School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences
+44 (0) 1274 235342
Twitter: @IanArmit


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No one living in Britain ‘truly British’, scientists find as Stonehenge builders were replaced by European immigrants

By Telegraph Reporters, The Telegraph • 21 February 2018

No one living in Britain is truly British, scientists have said after finding that the builders of Stonehenge were nearly totally replaced by European immigrants.

DNA analysis conducted on hundreds of prehistoric skeletons suggests that virtually no-one living in Britain today is truly British.

Neolithic farmers, responsible for building Stonehenge and other stone monuments, were almost completely displaced by immigrants from mainland Europe known as the Beaker people.

Over a period of several hundred years, the newcomers took over the British Isles and stamped their genetic identity on the resident population.

Professor Ian Armit, from the University of Bradford – who took part in the research, said: “The analysis shows pretty conclusively that migration of the Beaker people into Britain was more intense and on a larger scale than anyone had previously thought. Britain essentially has a whole new population after that period. We still don’t know for sure what caused such a rapid genetic turnover – the available evidence doesn’t necessarily suggest a violent invasion. There might have been environmental problems which caused a population decline among the indigenous population, or the Beaker migrants could have brought new diseases with them.”

The new study, looking at DNA data from 400 ancient skeletons from across Europe, shows that both theories are correct.

The scientists found that beaker-producing culture spread between Iberia and central Europe without significant movement of people. But it was quite a different story in the UK, where evidence suggests a massive influx of Beaker immigrants.

Professor Ian Barnes, from the Natural History Museum in London, said: “We found that the skeletal remains of individuals from Britain who lived shortly after the first beaker pottery appears have a very different DNA profile to those who came before.”

The findings, from a team of 144 European and US archaeologists and geneticists, appear in the latest edition of Nature journal.


  • The Liberal/left wont rest until they’ve completed the Cultural genocide of the indigenous British.
  • If you want to go back far enough we’re all descended from amoeba. When the amoeba brained Looney Liberals start pushing their agenda and want to try and tell me I can’t think of myself as English, I’d just like to remind them they’re just descendants of amoeba.
    Why are some people so intent on destroying the British and their history? Celts, Vikings, Romans and other invaders have made us who we are. BRITISH, I am proud to be so.
  • The article headline and message that none of us can say we’re British we’re all Europeans is not sophisticated and people are getting correctly irked that this appears to be yet another crude attempt to educate us that mass immigration was commonplace in the past and therefore contemporary mass immigration is to be expected.
  • It is Illogical and mischievous to talk about ‘the British’ any further back in time than the establishment of the nation called Britain.
  • All these people died thousands of years before there was any concept of Britain.
  • This is more BS in the ongoing attempt to make the British people bend over for their own disenfranchisement and replacement. Prior to WW2, 99% of the people of Britain shared a common culture and ethnicity. That culture is under attack.
  • The Guardian is full of the same sort of rubbish but at least it’s free. And the sports coverage is better.
  • Have you seen the Swedish all female Cabinet all wearing headscarf’s to show solidarity…
  • Just imagine if those migrants years ago got off their boat and demanded to be housed and fed.
  • I think the most obvious but over looked elephant in the room is these people looked the same were culturally the same or as near as dam it and enriched the country…now take a long look at the inner city ghettos of UK and Europe.
  • But a few weeks ago scientists stated that the Britons were black, having originated in Africa. Probably.
  • Politically correct conclusion truly reached, scientists find, as EU migrants scratch their heads at British Builders substandard roofing.
  • The English and other indigenous British peoples have been homogeneous since before the Norman conquest. Even the Norman’s who were maybe a 10000 elite didn’t add greatly to the gene pool.
  • Flemish weavers were imported during the mid 14th century and there were many riots. There have also been numbers of people throughout the ages who have settled here from all over, including black people
  • Don’t get it. If people migrate from one place to another and their descendants stay for good and breed, Doesn’t that eventually make them natives of that place? I’ve known descendants of Huguenots, Irish, Spanish and many others. My father’s parents came here from pre-WWI Germany; he was (and I am) as British as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Surely after so many thousands of years living in a place called Britain people are entitled to call themselves, and be regarded as, British.
  • Disgusting misuse of science for political ends.
  • Try that on so many countries in the world. Japan, middle eastern countries and so many more. How long do you need to live in Zulu Natal before being accepted as a Zulu, New Zealand Kiwi, Aborigine I thought that British is derived from the Roman name Britannia – they referred to the various Celtic tribes collectively as Britons. Therefore the name only starts being used some 2500 years after these beaker people appeared on the scene.
  • oh dear. How the mixture of Brexitists, supporters of the largely defunct UKIP, and additional British nationalists, hate the idea that Britishness is not some kind of sacred trust and more a matter of the nature and quality of immigration. Hilarious.
  • But not half as hilarious as these ‘scientific’ claims, it must be said.
  • It is the nature and quality of immigration which counts. Seems we lost the plot.
  • This reminds me of the Nazis! Wow.
  • Typical leftist politically correct statements by academics, let’s say there is no such thing as a British person. Pathetic, they never give up
  • “No such thing as a British person”. Nor Danes,nor French, nor German? Or does PC only apply to us?
  • The recent TV programme about the so-called “First Brit” really annoyed me. The impression was given that no one had checked Cheddar Man’s DNA before when Professor Bryan Sykes did it years ago. He found the History teacher at the local school was a direct descendant and he looked remarkably white to me. “The Blood of the Isles” is well worth reading despite being written before all the recent progress in genetics.
  • Alternative equally silly headline: “European immigrants wipe out British” There’s always two ways of looking at everything.
  • This comes across as multicultural speak to me – let’s try and deprive the British of their history, culture and traditions. I’m sure Jezza and Diane Abbott will applaud it.
  • Weaponise science to push a political agenda! Hard to see how that could possibly go wrong
  • If you are taking it back to The Beaker People and trying to claim we are all immigrants then that really is pathetic. Nobody is from anywhere. Humans evolved in one place and moved around. Trying to make some kind of PC point from this kind of data actually just proves the politically-driven intellectual bankruptcy of academia at present.
  • All human beings originated from a woman in Africa. At some point, these Ancient Africans were gripped by an urge to migrate throughout the world. Building a massive fleet of ships, they flawlessly navigated to all corners of the globe where they established communities and interbred with the primitive, white humanoid forms that lived there. Over the course of tens of thousands of years, the Ancient African Diaspora turned white because of the colder climate and altered their bone structure. They developed different languages and cultures and became what we today call the French, Germans, Israelis, Russians etc.
  • Oh Jeez. GIven that we are all decended from some hominid from East Africa a million years ago or so, this headline is nonsense. In the begining nobody in Britain was truly British as they all came from someplace else.
  • That nonsense about everyone being descended from some African was thrown into the dustbin some time ago with the discovery that far older hominids were found in the Caucasus.
  • Why do scientists insist on always comparing ‘then’ with ‘now’ just so they can make some point about whatever …Brexit , immigration , attacking the British. What happened then is completely irrelevant apart from historical interest . Is this the way research is going …telling us the obvious ?
  • I think being here since 4500 BC is enough time to make one British.
  • The article is interesting but it is yet another dig at Britishness. Being ‘British’ isn’t in the DNA its in the culture. People can be born and live in Britain and never be British and others can arrive on these shores and be British the moment they set foot here. British is a state of mind not simply a geographical location.
  • What is this magic British state of mind that is so different from everywhere else? And what is the British culture when it is always changing? Is our culture remotely similar to what it was in the 1950’s or 1600?
  • It doesn’t really make sense to arrive in Britain and immediately be British or arrive in Bangladesh and immediately be Bangladeshi- that’s pretty meaningless. You should at least be born and bred here.
  • British culture is unusually stable. As with Hinduism, it has both stability and flexibility and therefore, until recently, was recognisably the same culture. There are clear characteristics from the Iron Age in today’s Britain.
  • What a ridiculous title. You might as well say that we are all Africans. Just dumb.
  • One very old skull is used as proof we in the UK are all Africans.
  • All humans were Africans.
  • More fake news by the one world government trying to stop Brexit.
  • “Neolithic farmers, responsible for building Stonehenge and other stone monuments, were almost completely displaced by immigrants from mainland Europe” – I know the feeling.
  • If the author had done some research they would have found that it is generally accepted that overpopulation in an are totally dependent on agriculture led to the demise of the Stonehenge civilisation. One whose links reached far out across the country, and which had a stable culture for thousands of years. It may have been linked to a change in global climate, why else would the breaker folk felt the need to move from mainland Europe to an island with a more maritime climate? Besides which, it has already been stated by Stephen Oppenheimer that 60% of indigenous Britons have ancestry that can be traced back to the first settlers. So I call BS on this latest piece of news.
  • I thought we all started in Africa somewhere?
  • The latest research seems to contradict the notion that there was a single exodus from one African region 300,000 years ago as previously thought.
  • There is no dispute the Human race started evolving somewhere south of Cairo.
  • What a puerile claim. You might as well then say, the Germans are not German, the French are not French, the Russians are not Russians, etc, etc.
  • This all harks back to Jack Straw early in the Blair Government when he said that the British were not really British. At the time New Labour had opened the floodgates and people were complaining of being swamped by immigrants.
  • In the first place, DNA studies have shown one direct descendant of Cheddar Man, and a 10% match with his DNA for most long-term British families, so, not a complete replacement. Secondly, that we have been provably here for nearly 5000 years would suggest we are as unique a culture as any other – and with more claim than many European countries.
  • Fake news. Indeed, a total barefaced lie.
  • Telling that no journalist will put their name to this tripe, hiding instead behind the cover of “Telegraph Reporters”. Sounds more like a George Soros leftist propaganda story to me.
  • Most well-read people in this country are perfectly aware that the origins of inhabitants of the British Isles are from a number of areas of what is now Europe as well as from the region once referred to as Mesopotamia (between the waters), and possibly the Steppes of Central Asia. In quite recent times we have been home to people from Southern Europe (probably the Celts: Greek Keltoi), Saxony, Scandinavia and other coastal-dwellers. Who knows who came here when the British Isles were actually still connected to mainland Europe after the end of the Great Ice Age and the Younger Dryas. All this worry about our origins is trivial.
  • Perhaps this will put stop to all these new age druids and other similar religions who arrogantly claim links with the neolithic monuments like Stonehenge. (Anyway the real druids sound a much more blood thirsty and interesting bunch that the Victorian version.)
  • Stupid headline. You could say that about all countries in world…When did our ancestors from Africa become British or Japanese etc etc … You could say they were all prisoners or stranded here when the Ice broke and the Sea rushed in creating our Islands …
  • Oh, dear God, spare me from post modernism!
  • Stupid headline.
  • Those naughty DT headline writers are trolling their increasingly paranoid readership. It’s a shame for the scientists concerned, to see their work mangled in such a crude fashion.
  • Ahem, the ice age scoured Britain clean. We are all descended from migrants. And those most likely originating in the African/ Eurasian heartland.
  • We’ve always known we’re a mixed bag, like most of Europe. How is this article supposed to be news?
  • Yet another load of misleading tripe designed to denigrate these islands, following on from the bizarre unprovable hypothesis that Cheddar man was black. (Had he been such he would have suffered from vitamin D deficiency and had ricketts, most likely!)
  • 8,000 years ago the population of Britain was exactly nil. It was under half a mile of ice and had been for hundreds of thousands of years so nobody is truly British.
  • That’s like saying that no one is truly (fill in the blank).
  • The political construct that is Britain came millenia after the first child was born in this land.
  • There was a time when the Earth was un-populated, so nobody is truly human.
  • Last week we were told that Cheddar Man was black. This week we are told that our ancestral homeland has no indigenous population due to ancient mass immigration. They are no longer hiding their agenda to eliminate the notion of national pride and identity. There is something very sinister planned for our people.
  • The genocide of the Peoples of Europe: Illegal migrant trafficking and forced mass Immigration (into European Nations only) is now creating chaos throughout much of Europe, especially in Germany and Sweden, including parts of France and many other European countries too. A constant flood of boats arriving from mainly Africa reveals a structured network of pre-planned routes into Europe, with the eventual goal of completely displacing Europeans from their homelands, and replacing them with cheap labour from all over the third world. European Nations and their populations have already been dramatically transformed by decades of mass Third World immigration and the relentless promotion of ”diversity” and multiculturalism by the mainstream media and it’s ”progressive” agenda. This is no coincidence, and was all planned many years ago as laid out in the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, which is a plan for the systematic genocide of the native peoples of Europe.
  • Genocide for generation snowflake: Old-style genocide: gas ovens and concentration camps. New-style genocide: black family in an OXO advert.
  • You don’t gas people in gas ovens, you cook ’em.
  • Miscegenation also plays a part, in reducing the recognisable racial presence of the formerly majority population, and also reducing the overall IQ level by introducing a racial group which is markedly lower in this feature. That is why so many advertisements, tv series, films, plays, etc are so obviously peopled with racially different types from historical reality, to partly destroy a sense of national or European history and heritage, and to encourage miscegenation. It is not without significance that Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was of mixed race parentage, Caucasian and Asian. His plan, that a new ‘race’ of Europeans (a mixture of Africans and Asians intermarrying with Caucasians, of which the latter would eventually disappear) would develop in the West, was capped with the interesting notion that the Jews would then be the leaders over these people (Kalergi, according to his memoirs, received significant monetary support from prominent American Jewish financiers). Kalergi stated that the jews would be the best ‘leaders’ of such a new people/race because of their presumed ‘moral superiority’ which indicates he was probably unfamiliar with the teachings of the Talmud which has been the central text of judaism for the past 1500 years.
  • A pointless and irrelevant research issue, and evidently true without the DNA evidence. No one living anywhere but Africa is ‘truly’ anything other than the descendant of Paleolithic migrants. How many more times will researchers ‘discover’ that, lo and behold, the French are not French, the Russians not Russian, the Chinese not Chinese.
  • If you are European you have Neanderthal genes. They evolved on the continent.
  • Africans do not have any trace of Neanderthal DNA. Why do we not hear more of this? Is t because it differentiates us and spoils their PC propaganda?

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