Hilarious commentary on (MZZZ) Captain Marvel movie costume

Brie Larson In The CAPTAIN MARVEL Costume Looks Like…

“It looks like her costume has a better costume beneath it. She looks like a waitress or a folk singer who married rich, but her little troublesome stepdaughter always wants her to dress as a superhero at parties. The look I get is one of regret. She’s an indie artist who just wanted to play single mothers who have abortions in the bathrooms at their factory jobs, She looks like every time she gets a script, she says to her agent, ‘Do I get to cry?’ She looks like she cries a lot, and has no fun. … She looks like she just read a Captain Marvel comic.”


  • She has no ass.
  • She has the expression of someone who just entered into an S&M relationship and on the first lash they’re thinking, “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”
  • Some Cosplay look like they cost more than that thing
  • Looks like a messenger for Dr. Doom
  • How did they make her butt disappear in that outfit?
  • That schoolmarm judgey-judgey expression? Be prepared to see a LOT of that.
  • This is going to flop sjw feminism is utter shit
  • She looks like she’s really stinking herself up in that shit costume
  • That’s the no ass costume!
  • Defiantly not a sexy costume. I don’t want to pay to see women try and act like men.
  • They’d better re-shoot scenes with fake ass cheeks
  • She looks like she has no butt like completely and utterly flat. It’s astounding
  • Oh no, that poor girl! What kind of a failure is that costume? It clearly doesn’t fit her, hence the waist blob and the ass sag! She probably has no ass, but the costume artist should have thought about butt panties, it’s a product available for everyone. The makeup artist and hair stylist are GONE, her makeup and hair were clearly done by her mom. They should have thought the hair through, because the heroine cannot look like a waitress accidentally put on a superhero costume. And the makeup! You can’t make a bland “ordinary day in the office” makeup, there has to be some really professional face sculpting in this case! And where is Carl Manvers’s shoulder girth, where are those muscles? They cast a girly girl to play my favourite space lesbian, I’m out.
  • 404 butt not found.

Brie Larson:

“If you can think it, it’s a women’s issue, it’s a feminist issue!”

Kike Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow:

Move over, Gal — a new female Jewish superhero is coming

(JTA) — A new leading woman is about to get her own superhero film. The character is much darker than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman but also happens to be played by a badass Jewish actress.

Scarlett Johansson has already appeared in multiple Marvel feature films as Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff. On Thursday, it was widely reported that Marvel Studios had hired a female screenwriter, Jac Schaeffer to pen “Black Widow,” the character’s first solo feature film. Johansson will reprise her role as the mysterious Russian assassin in the movie.

In the Marvel universe, the Romanoff character was trained as a young girl by the KGB, and her prowess as an expert assassin earned her the Black Widow moniker. She later defected from Russia to become a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, a secret American espionage and counter-terrorism agency.

The Black Widow often seems emotionless, probably because she was sterilized by the KGB. Still, although she is ruthless, she is incredibly loyal. She is serious, yet has a sarcastic sense of humor. In a sense, she is the anti-Wonder Woman.

“Black Widow” won’t be the next female superhero film — Brie Larson is set to star in “Captain Marvel,” which is slated to be released in 2019.

While Gadot was relatively unheard of before her breakout role, Johansson is already about as big of a movie star as there is. The actress (who recently [“recently”? I ID’d this Kike more than a decade ago] learned about her Jewish ancestry on “Finding Your Roots”) has appeared in everything from indie romantic comedies to sci-fi action blockbusters and is one of the highest-grossing actresses of all time.

Nevertheless, it will be fun to see another Jewish star fighting evil on the big screen.

Marcy Oster is a JTA correspondent in Israel.

Wonderschnozz Woman

Hollyjewed = #StrongWahmin #MeToo


Indiewire: Wahmin (and their Rapists) “Dominate” Sundance

“Sundance 2018: From Survivors to Killers, Women Dominated a Festival Without Weinstein — From “The Tale” to “Assassination Nation,” “Eighth Grade” to “Puzzle,” this year’s festival was packed with complex, rich roles for women.”

“‘The Tale’: Sundance’s Most Controversial Sex Scene Is Also Its Most Powerful — Filmmaker Jennifer Fox used her own childhood sexual abuse to make one of Sundance’s most talked-about films, and one that required the maximum of care. Here’s how she did it. Few movies at this year’s Sundance Film Festival garnered as much buzz and conversation as Jennifer Fox’s searing narrative debut “The Tale.” Laura Dern stars as a cinematic version of Fox, a documentary filmmaker forced to contend with the realization that she was abused as a child by her beloved track coach (Jason Ritter), an experience she is only able to unravel decades later. Fox utilizes her own documentary background to untangle “The Tale,” aided by a unique narrative style that toys with the very concept of memory.” 

“‘Holiday’ Review: Devastating Danish Drama Has the Most Unsettling Rape Scene Since ‘Irreversible’ — Sundance 2018 — Isabella Elkof’s disturbing and perceptive debut is the story of a young woman trapped by her life with an oppressive crime boss. “Holiday” is already unsettling in its portrait of a young woman trapped by a cruel overlord, and then it arrives at a brutal, graphic rape scene more alarming than anything comparable in world cinema since “Irreversible.” For Sacha (Victoria Carmen Sonne), being arm candy for slick gangster Michael (Lai Yde) yields a life of constant leisure, but only if she behaves like his prized possession. An early scene establishes the cruel possibilities at hand if she acts out of line — overdrawing on his bank account and confessing to one of his minions, she’s met with more than one cruel slap. It’s a shocking reality check.”

so the whore stole money from her master and got smacked

“Which brings us to that rape scene. Arriving well after the dynamic between Sascha and her oppressive partner has been established, it starts as a consensual encounter before transforming into something much more alarming, a vivid and terrible illustration of a domineering figure who treats everything within his grasp as an object he can abuse as he pleases. It’s an infuriating moment, one that dares viewers to look the other way, while weaving that very reaction into the nature of its critique. The urge to evade that discomfort illustrates the ease with which one can block out the harsh truth of a society corrupted by powerful men.”

“Sundance Veterans Taika Waititi, Justin Lin, and Catherine Hardwicke Talk Diversity and Directing Tentpoles — Watch — They participated in a festival panel called, “Power of Story: Indies Go Hollywood.”

BTW, the “alternative” to Sundance is Kike Mirvish, Kike Kuhn and Kike Rachman’s Slamdance Film Fest

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