Scots Whore Acts Coy about Dog’s Dildo

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DOG WITH A BONE Paisley air hostess ‘mortified’ as dog returns with SEX TOY in its teeth during game of fetch

Sophie McGrattan, 21, could not believe her pet found the dildo – and was even more horrified when people thought it belonged to her.

By Aletha Adu, The Scottish Sun, 19th January 2018

A young Scots air hostess was absolutely mortified when her dog took a game of fetch to another level – returning with a sex toy clenched in its teeth. [ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED and then posted photos online]

Sophie McGrattan, 21, from Paisley could not believe her pet found a dildo and appeared to become obsessed with it.

Sophie McGrattan was disgusted when her pet found the object during a walk and tweeted a picture of the find

She noticed her pet pooch had become obsessed with the toy and wouldn’t put it down

Completely shocked, Sophie, took a snap of her pooch with its finding on Twitter. But to her horror, people thought the sex toy was hers.

She tweeted: “Honestly could not make it up, my fkn dogs found a fkn dildo while we are out a walk and won’t leave it alone am gonny be sick.”

Describing her horror, Sophie said: “I was honestly mortified.

“These builders were there also so they were pure shouting over ‘aww hen think you’ve lost something.’

1 THIS is what the pooch found

Sophie was keen to explain that the object, which she found offensive, was not hers

Some social media users didn’t believe her

Others simply laughed at her tweet

“It’s embarrassing the amount of people that think it’s mine.”

Some tweeters found her post hilarious. Rebekah McNeill said: “No way, I’m howling.”

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