Native Londoner laments: “London looks nothing like it used to look!”

British Surrealism

Raheem Jamaludin Kassam, Editor-in-Chief of Kikebart London: “London is turning into a shithole! I’ve seen the city change almost inexorably. I don’t see how we’re gonna get it back in my lifetime. London looks nothing like it used to look! The demographics are changing. It’s double-digit rises in crime across London!”

John Paul Watson, Glib Gadfly at Pillock Planet: “Do you see a way out of this, demographically?”

Raheem Jamaludin Kassam is the Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart London, the European bureau of the Breitbart News Network. Kassam has worked on a number of political campaigns, was Chief Advisor to UKIP leader Nigel Farage, contested UKIP’s November 2016 leadership election, and “serves” at neocon rackets such as the Gatestone Institute, Middle East Forum and Henry Jackson Society.

KikeTube Comments:

  • Car Lazar1389: Maybe Raheem should be candidate for mayor of London
  • Ann Smith: How long before we have a Muslim PM.
  • Robert Jay Mathews: Too many Nig-Nogs and sambos ship them all back to Africa.
  • Ann Smith: Robert Jay Mathews don’t think you really mean that do you. You sound like a liberal troll to me.
  • Indigolight6: Robert Jay Mathews You need to research how Hitler said America had Gods Jewls enslaved and he wasn’t talking about your racist ass. He protected what he called the real Hebrews. Dumb ass wana Nazi’s don’t even know the Swastika is an Asiatic African symbol. Just a bunch of wannabe closet black dick suckers following some retards blindly. In 2018 no one takes that shit serious just pathetic.
  • Margaret Edwards: Raheem I’d like to shake your hand!! What you say is what most ordinary decent British people have been saying for year’s!! Then we get called Racist’s!! Labour party Tory party liberal party all have the same agenda!! The total distruction of all things BRITISH!! Many thanks for your eloquent speech!!
  • Margaret Edwards: Well done Raheem!! Mayor khan is a terrible fraud!! He’s wrecking London!it will soon be a bigger shithole than Pakistan the True Home of Sadiq khan!!
  • Dee Smith: I saw Raheem Kassam’s interview at SkyNews and shared it with damn near everyone I knew! lol God, I wish ALL Brits were like Paul Joseph Watson, Nigel Farage and Raheem Kassam. The 3 of them could probably save the whole of Europe if left in charge. lol
  • AmericaIsKiked: Haji Kassam is going to change the demographics
  • Jessica S-D: Sky News is the UK’s equivalent of CNN – with slightly fewer bells and whistles. Quite nauseating to watch, but I do so daily in order to keep abreast of what the Nazis are up to.

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