Fagrepublic Ireland: Fag-Street-Shitter-in-Chief & Imam express FEELS for Jap killed by DON’T-ASK-DON’T-TELL (all to the turgid strains of “Imagine”)

Dundalk Islamic Community send condolences to Japan and Yosuke Sasaki’s family


Tamara O’Connell, The Dundalk Democrat, 9 Jan 2018
Email: tamara.oconnell@dundalkdemocrat.ie

A REPRESENTATIVE of the Dundalk Islamic Community who spoke at the vigil for Yosuke Sasaki last night sent his condolences to the people of Japan and his family.

Iman Nooh, Dundalk Islamic Community told the large crowd gathered at the memorial event that he was speaking on behalf of the Dundalk Muslim community.

“I’m here sending our condolences to the people of Japan and most especially to the family of Yosuke,” he said.

“The people of Dundalk, of Ireland who have showed a great sign of humanity, the openness, the welcoming and which has enabled us to survive and live well.”

The vigil, which was held opposite the Maid of Éireann statue in the town centre, was attended by thousands of people.

Many people in the crowd were tearful and visibly grief-stricken at the event which was organised for 24-year-old Yosuke Sasaki who was killed in Dundalk last week.

The vigil, which was organised by Dundalk Municipal District, began at 7pm and ended just after 7.30pm.

A number of dignitaries attended, including Mrs Mari Miyoshi, Ambassador of Japan to Ireland HE, Mr Sou Watanabe, First Secretary and Mr Tim Mawe, Asia Director Department of Foreign Affairs.

Lyndsey O’Neill sang John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and Cllr John McGahon concluded the event.

Oh, I wonder who killed Sasaki-san? Some crazed Paddy? I wonder why the imam’s “condolences” have been so prominently reported…

[Street-Shitting Faggot] Taoiseach expresses condolences to family of Japanese man killed in Dundalk attack

Gardaí have not found evidence of terrorism link to Yosuke Sasaki’s killing, says Varadkar

Irish Times, Jan 4, 2018, 21:30

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has expressed his condolences to the family of a Japanese man killed in an attack in Dundalk.

Yosuke Sasaki (24) was stabbed to death in Dundalk shortly before 9am on Wednesday. An [UN-NAMED] 18-year-old man appeared at Dundalk District Court at 6.50pm on Thursday accused of his murder. [The killer’s name wouldn’t be Mohammad, would it?]

Two Irish men were injured the same day in incidents in the town that have been linked to Mr Sasaki’s killing.

“I want to express my condolences, particularly to the family of the man from Japan who was killed in the attack,” the Taoiseach said during a visit to Hungary.

“I understand the man came to work in Ireland just over year ago, and it must be a very difficult time for his family to hear the news that a person who came to live in a peaceful country was killed in what may very well turn out to be a random attack,” he said.

“I also want to send my best wishes to the people who were injured.”

The Taoiseach said he wanted “to offer to my congratulations and thanks to the gardaí for acting so swiftly and dealing with the attack within 45 minutes, and I’m sure preventing further loss of life and injury.”

The Taoiseach said gardaí had not found evidence of a terrorism link to Mr Sasaki’s killing. “But all lines of inquiry remain open,” he said.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan also expressed his sympathy to Mr Sasaki’s friends and family and wished the two injured men a speedy recovery.
He too praised the work of gardaí involved in the incident and cautioned about people jumping to conclusions over the attacks.

“There has, understandably, been speculation and concern about the motivation for this attack … and I would caution against drawing judgments until the gardaí can establish the facts in the course of their investigation,” he said.

Sinn Féin [IRA] president Gerry Adams [cunt], a TD for Co Louth, said: “I want to express my deep sense of shock at the brutal murder of Yosuke Sasaki in Dundalk and the wounding of two other citizens.”

I’ll have to look at another report, to try to find out who stabbed Sasaki-san to death.

Killing tests Dundalk’s hard-won community resilience

Stabbing to death of 24-year-old man and the wounding of two others stun Border town

Irish Times, Jan 5, 2018, 01:00

From the decades of the Troubles to the murder of Detective Garda Adrian Donohue in 2013, Dundalk is a town that has seen its fair share of tragedy.

But in recent years there has been a sort of quiet optimism in the area. Two decades after the Belfast Agreement, jobs have started to flow into the Co Louth town and new businesses are opening on a weekly basis.

That optimism was dented but not destroyed on Wednesday as news spread that a Japanese man had been stabbed to death and two Irish men had been injured in a series of connected attacks.

“Dundalk has been through the wars. Now there’s this. It is so, so shocking. There was no reason anything like this should happen,” said Anne Campbell, a Sinn Féin councillor on Louth County Council.

“We thought we were over the worst of these type of things. This just doesn’t happen in Dundalk.”

The dead man, 24-year-old Yosuke Sasaki, was one of a large number of international residents of the town, many of whom worked alongside him in National Pen Limited.


With about 1,000 staff, National Pen is one of the biggest employers in the town. Yesterday, colleagues of Mr Sasaki expressed disbelief at his death.

Mr Sasaki had been working at the facility since August 2017 and was well liked by his fellow employee, including the dozen or so other Japanese staff there, who mainly deal with international sales support. It was his second time in Ireland having previously spent time here studying English.

“He obviously thought he could come over here and have a bit of craic in Europe, no more than us going over to Thailand or whatever,” said Ms Campbell. “And then for this to happen to the chap.”

Staff members at Atami, a Japanese restaurant in the town, said they were still processing what happened. They described the attack as terrifying, adding Mr Sasaki was one of 20 to 30 Japanese nationals living in Dundalk.

The other two victims of the attacks are understood to be in shock but recovering from their injuries.

Cian Murphy (22), who finished his studies at Dundalk IT last year and now works at National Tile in the town, suffered stab wounds on Coes Road shortly after Mr Sasaki was killed.

Dylan Grehan (23), from the townland of Faughart, about 10km north of Dundalk, suffered head injuries when he was hit by a post. [Huh? What?] Both men have been released from hospital.

Two women laid flowers yesterday at the spot on Avenue Road where Mr Sasaki was killed.

“It’s just a small gesture to show we’re all in this together. It’s important to show that even if we didn’t know him” one woman said.

“That family has to come over here and bury their son. It’s not right. Nobody can make sense of it,” added the other woman.

No, of course not. “Nobody can make sense of it.” I can’t even find out who killed him. Well, we don’t know who killed Sasaki-san, but we do know it had absolutely nothing at all to do with terrorism! and anyone who suggests it might (on what basis, nobody knows) is a bigot racist islamophobe!

I’d better go read the news from Japan to find out what happened in Ireland.




Finally! Some actual News!

“Mohamed Morei” [モハメド・モレイ]…“Egyptian…apparently”…“appeared in the local district court and repeated meaningless remarks.”

Are they saying that the Koran and Hadiths are meaningless?

Knives of Peace

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