Rose and Fred West: ahead of their time

Transgressive progressive hot-wife Rose West, a sexually-empowered, pro-choice, racially tolerant feminist hero.

Many of Rose and Fred West’s actions would be considered quite normal and modern these days. Although they were in many respects extremely progressive, and awfully ahead of their time (socially adventurous, sexually open-minded, mullato children, militantly pro-choice), they would also be considered quite “trad” and “old-fashioned” now — for getting married, for staying married, and for having so many children (and only killing a few of them). A young Rose and Fred today would be celebrated. They could have their own “reality show”.

On 29 January 1972, Rosemary Letts and Frederick West wed. The ceremony took place at Gloucester Register Office, with Fred incorrectly describing himself as a bachelor upon the marriage certificate. No family or friends were invited.

Several months later, with Rose pregnant with her second child, the couple moved from Midland Road to an address nearby: 25 Cromwell Street, a three-storey home was rented from the councill. Fred would later purchase the property from the council for £7,000, and some upper floor rooms were converted into bedsits, to supplement the household income.

On 1 June, Rose gave birth to a second daughter. The date of her birth led Fred and Rose to name the child Mae June. Shortly after giving birth to her second child, Rose began to work from home in the traditional sex-trade industry. The entrepeneur operated from an upstairs room at their residence and advertised her services in a local contact magazine.

Open-minded Fred encouraged Rose to seek clients in Gloucester’s Nigger community.

In addition to her sex-trade work, Rose engaged in sexual relations with several male and female lodgers who either resided in the household, or whom Fred encountered via his work, and the sexually empowered wife bragged to several individuals that no man or woman could completely satisfy her.

While exploring her sexuality, Rose would gradually increase the level of brutality to which she subjected her partners with acts such as partially suffocating her partners, or inserting increasingly large dildos into their bodies. If the woman resisted or expressed any pain or fear, this would greatly excite Rose, who would typically ask the question: “Aren’t you woman enough to take it?”

Rose and her cuck (who regularly participated in threesomes with his wife and her lovers) took a particular pleasure from seeking to take women beyond their sexual limits—typically via sessions involving bondage, as the Wests openly admitted to taking a particular pleasure from any form of sex involving a strong measure of dominance, pain and violence. To cater to these fetishes, they would amass a large collection of bondage and restraining devices in addition to material in both magazine and photographic format, and would later expand this collection to include several videos depicting both bestiality and graphic child sexual abuse.

Powerful matriarch Rose controlled the West family finances, Fred giving her his pay packets.

The room Rose used for sex-trade work was known throughout the West household as “Rose’s Room”, and had several hidden peepholes allowing Fred—a longtime voyeur—to watch her entertain her clients. He would also install a baby monitor in the room, allowing him to listen from elsewhere in the house. The room included a private bar, and a red light outside the door warned when Rose was not to be disturbed. Rose carried the sole key to this room around her neck, and Fred installed a separate doorbell to the household which Rose’s clients were instructed to ring whenever they wished to engage in sex with her. Much of the money earned from Rose’s entrepreneurial activities was spent on improvements to the family home.

By 1977, Rose’s father had come to develop a grudging respect for Fred. Together, he and Fred opened a café they named The Green Lantern, which was soon bankrupt. Rose, always a hard worker, supported the family from her sex-trade labours.

When her father discovered Rose’s profession, he would also visit their home to engage in sex with her.

By 1983, the transgressive trad-wife had given birth to eight children, at least three of whom were conceived by her sex-work clients.

Progressive Fred, a thoroughly modern cuckold, willingly accepted these offsping of nigger whorehounds as his own children.

When each of the West children reached the age of seven, they were assigned numerous daily chores to perform within their household; all were very seldom allowed to socialise outside the household perimeters unless either Fred or Rose were present, and all had to follow strict guidelines imposed by their parents, with severe punishment—almost always physical—being the penalty for not conforming to the household rules. Each lived in fear of being the recipients of violence from their parents, and although this violence was occasionally inflicted by Fred, the vast majority of this violence was inflicted by Rose for any real or imagined breach of conformity. Occasionally, the violence was irrational, indiscreet or even inflicted for Rose’s simple gratification (although Rose would always take great care not to mark the children’s faces or hands in these assaults).

Both Heather, then her younger brother Stephen (b. 1973), are known to have run away from home, although both children returned to Cromwell Street after several weeks of alternately sleeping rough or staying with friends. Both were beaten when they returned home. Between 1972 and 1992, the West children were admitted to the Accident and Emergency department of local hospitals 31 times; the injuries were explained as accidents and never reported to social services.

On one occasion, as Stephen was mopping the kitchen floor with a cloth, Rose accidentally stepped into the bowl of water he had been using to perform this task. In response, Rose smashed the boy over the head with the bowl, then repeatedly kicked him in the head and chest as she shouted: “You did that on purpose, you little swine!”

On another occasion, Rose became hysterical at a missing kitchen utensil, then grabbed a knife she had been using to cut a slab of meat, repeatedly inflicting light scour marks to Mae’s chest until her rib cage was covered with light knife wounds. All the while, Mae had screamed, “No, Mum! No, Mum!” as Stephen and Heather stood by, helplessly sobbing.

Cuckold Fred occasionally became the recipient of Rose’s physical expressions of her feminist frustrations.

On one occasion in the late 1970s, Rose chased after Fred with a carving knife in her hand, although Fred was able to slam shut the door of the room into which he had run as Rose plunged at him with the knife, resulting in the knife embedding itself in the door, and Rose’s fingers sliding down the blade, almost severing them from her hand. In response, the powerful matriarch calmly wrapped her hand in a towel and said: “Look what you done, fella. You’ve got to take me to the hospital now.”

In September 1972, the Wests led eight-year-old Anna Marie to the cellar at 25 Cromwell Street, where the child was ordered to undress, with Rose tearing her dress from her body upon noting the child’s hesitation. She was then stripped naked, bound to a mattress and gagged before Fred fucked her, with Rose’s active encouragement. After the sex, Rose explained to the child: “Everybody does it to every girl. It’s a father’s job. Don’t worry, and don’t say anything to anybody.”

Rose would occasionally engage in sexual relations with the girl herself, and would later take extreme gratification in sex-play such as degrading the child with acts such as binding Anna Marie to various items of furniture before encouraging Fred to fuck her, and forcing her to perform household chores while wearing sexual devices and a mini-skirt.[

From the age of 13, both Fred and Rose apprenticed Anna Marie into the family’s burgeoning sex-trade, with her clients being informed that was 16. Society was much less tolerant of the West families alt-sex activities then than would be the case today.

In October 1972, the Wests hired 17-year-old Caroline Owens as their children’s nanny. They had picked up the girl one night on a secluded country road as she hitchhiked home from Tewkesbury to her Cinderford home, having visited her boyfriend. Learning the girl held a dislike for her stepfather and was looking for a job, the Wests offered her part-time employment as a nanny to the three children then in their household, with a promise she would be driven home each Tuesday. Several days later, Owens moved into 25 Cromwell Street, sharing a room with Anna Marie, whom Owens noted was “very withdrawn”.

Rose, who had begun to operate as a self-employed sex-trade worker by this time, explained to Owens that she worked as a masseuse when the younger woman enquired about the steady stream of men visiting her.

According to Owens, feminist Fred also said he was a skilled family-planner/terminationist, and that he was available to help her should she ever need such a service.

Owens also noted Fred talked about sex almost incessantly. Fred boasted that many of the women he had kindly performed terminations for were so overjoyed that they would offer him their sexual services as a reward.

When Owens herself became the recipient of the Wests’ overt sexual advances, she announced her intentions to leave Cromwell Street and return home. Her thinking was less modern than the liberated Wests’ was.

Knowing Owens’ habits of hitchhiking along the A40 between Cinderford and Tewkesbury, the Wests formulated a plan to abduct her and introduce her into their alt-sex lifestyle.

On 6 December 1972, the couple lured Owens into their vehicle with an apology for their conduct and the offer of a lift home. Initially, Owens believed the Wests had been sincere in their apologies to her and obliged, believing she had simply mistaken their earlier intentions. Rose joined her in the back seat, with the explanation she wanted a “girls’ chat” as Fred drove.

Shortly thereafter, Rose began to fondle the girl, as Fred questioned as to whether she had engaged in sex with her boyfriend that evening.

When Owens began to protest, Fred stopped the car, referred to Owens as a “bitch”, and punched her into unconsciousness before he and Rose bound and gagged the girl with a scarf and duct tape.

In her subsequent statement to police, Owens stated that, at Cromwell Street, she was given a drugged cup of tea to drink, then again gagged and subjected to a prolonged sexual assault from both individuals.

At one stage, an observant Fred remarked that Owens’ clitoris was unusual, before proceeding to lash her genitals with a leather belt.

When Owens screamed, Rose again smothered her with a pillow and further restrained her about the neck, before proceeding to perform cunnilingus upon the girl.

The following morning, having noted Owens’ screaming when one of his children had knocked on the door of the room in which she was restrained, Fred threatened the girl that he and his wife would keep her locked up in the cellar and allow his “black friends” to abuse her, and that when they had finished, he would bury her body beneath “the paving stones of Gloucester”.

Modern husband Fred then claimed he had killed hundreds of young girls, adding that Owens had primarily been brought to the house for “Rose’s pleasure”.

He and Rose then calmly asked Owens whether she would consider returning to work as their nanny. Seeing her escape avenue, Owens agreed, before vacuuming the house to indicate her belief in becoming an extended member of the family. Later that day, Owens escaped from a launderette she and Rose had entered and returned home. Although initially too ashamed to divulge to her mother what had happened, when her mother noted the welts, bruises and exposed subcutaneous tissues on her daughter’s body, Owens burst into tears and confided what had happened.

Owens’ mother immediately reported her daughter’s ordeal to the police, and the Wests were arrested and charged with assault, indecent assault, actual bodily harm, and rape. The case was tried at Gloucester Magistrates Court on 12 January 1973, although by this date, Owens had decided she could not face the ordeal of testifying in court. As such, all charges pertaining to Owens’ sexual abuse were dropped, and the Wests agreed to plead guilty to the reduced charges of indecent assault and causing actual bodily harm; each was fined £50, and the couple were allowed to walk free from court. When Owens heard this news, she attempted to commit suicide.

Three months after the Wests’ assault trial, the couple committed their first known murder. The victim was a 19-year-old named Lynda Gough, with whom Fred and Rose became acquainted through a male lodger in early 1973. Gough regularly visited Cromwell Street, and is known to have engaged in affairs with two male lodgers. On 19 April, she moved into Cromwell Street.

When Lynda’s dismembered body was found, her jaw was completely wrapped in both adhesive and surgical tape to silence her screams, and two small tubes had likely been inserted into her nasal cavities to facilitate breathing. Long sections of string and sections of knotted fabric were also discovered with her remains. Lynda had likely been suspended from holes carved into the wooden beams supporting the ceiling of the cellar Fred would later admit he had devised for the purpose of suspending his victims’ bodies, and likely died of strangulation or suffocation. Her dismembered body, missing five cervical vertebrae bones in addition to her patellae and numerous phalange bones, was buried in an inspection pit beneath the garage.

The Wests would go on to introduce their alternative lifestyle to numerous girls and young women.

Fred West asphyxiated himself while on remand at HM Prison Birmingham on 1 January 1995, at which time he and Rose were jointly charged with nine murders, and he with three additional murders. In November 1995, Rose was convicted of ten murders and sentenced to ten life terms with a whole life order. In 2001, Rose West announced her intention not to appeal against her convictions, while maintaining her innocence. She is now a resident at HMP Low Newton, Brasside, Durham.

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